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Rebel & Rose bracelets


Rebel & Rose bracelets are easy to combine with the big watches that you will find in our store. Nowadays it’s fashionable to wear a bracelet for or behind a watch, however we would like to warn you, that It can also damage your watch, especially when the beads are made with stones, what makes it wise to keep some distance between the watch and the bracelet, to make sure that the watch won’t get damaged. 

Of course, it is also nice to wear this kind of bracelets to your other arm and especially when the bracelets are in a row, because of the many colors and models you can perfectly combine them for a beautiful effect! 

Rebel and Rose has different models for him and her 

Rebel and Rose sells different models and in our store you will find especially the models which are nice to combine with the watches we sell, this is why we sell tehese models: 

More balls than most: These are the well-known bracelets with a large amount of beads that are available in different colors and with beads of different sizes: 4, 6 and 8mm. Find the More balls than most collection here. 

Lion head: These are the bracelets that you see everywhere nowadays, with between the beads a big metal Lion head bead. Because of the many different colors, these bracelets are perfect to combine with the watches we sell. Find de Lion head collection here. 

Absolutely leather: These are leather bracelets that are available in different colors and with a beautiful large hook closure, which clearly shows the beautiful Rebel & Rose logo. Find the absolute leather collection here.

Stones only: These bracelets are made with beads of different stones, these stones consist of beautiful colored stones and precious stones / semi precious stones. The bracelets are available with beads in sizes: 4, 6, 8 and 10mm. Find the Stones only collection here. 

4 the roses: 4 the roses is the model with finer beads and colorful colors which are especially adored by women. We have added some of these bracelets to our store, which gave us the idea that ladies will love them, judge it by yourself! Find the 4 the Roses collection here.

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SignsTimepieces only sells original Rebel & Rose bracelets, meaning all bracelets are delivered in an original and matching box together with a guarantee certificate and of course a unique Rebel & Rose bracelet.