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TW Steel watch straps 

Are you the owner of a fine TW Steel watch, and would you like to customize the look of your watch? Or have you got a TW Steel watch, which strap has been worn out? Don’t worry, at SignsTimepieces you will find more than 100 TW Steel watch straps in all shapes and sizes and of course for all models TW Steel watches. 


TW Steel is a great brand, which is already a significant time known for making high quality oversized watches, and this works out pretty well for the brand, which of course can be seen from the wide range and the collection where continuously are new items added to. 

Buying TW Steel watch straps 

A watch strap is very personal, and a TW steel watch you can of course completely personalize with an original TW Steel watch strap. TW Steel is known for making high quality and beautiful watches, which are made from high quality materials and this is the same with TW Steel watch straps. 

Each TW Steel watch has its own looks, but with a watch strap you can change the look of a watch in a short amount of time. Would you like elegant or sporty? Everything is possible! 

Which TW Steel watch strap fits your TW Steel watch? 

We sell TW Steel watch straps in two sizes, 22mm and 24mm. Each collection has its own watch straps, but often these bands differ greatly, so you have a lot of choice and the possibility to personalize your TW Steel watch. 

At SignsTimepieces you will find watch straps for the following collections: 


Canteen Leather

Canteen Automatic

CEO Canteen

CEO Diver

CEO Goliath

CEO Pilot

CEO Tech

CEO Tonneau



Grandeur tech/diver

Grandeur tech



Slim Line




24H Dubai 

Why buying a TW Steel watch strap at SignsTimepieces 

At SignsTimepieces we only sell original TW Steel watch straps. These watch straps come straight from the factory and that’s why we can ship them pretty fast.

For your TW Steel watch, we can recommend you to only use original TW Steel watch straps, because with these straps you can be sure about the quality, in addition it also look very nice! 

Need a new springbar for your TW Steel watch? We sell TW Steel springbars and we sell tools to easily change your strap!