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Ancho de la correa del reloj

Ancho de la correa del reloj

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  • TW Steel correas

    Need a new TW Steel watch strap? Don’t worry, at SignsTimepieces you will find more than 100 TW Steel watch straps in all shapes and sizes and of course for all models TW Steel watches.  

    TW Steel is a great brand, which is already a significant time known for making high quality oversized watches, and this works out pretty well for the brand, which of course can be seen from the wide range and the collection where continuously are new items added to. 

    Buying TW Steel watch straps 

    A watch strap is very personal and also a TW Steel watch can be completely personalized with original TW Steel watch straps. TW Steel is known for the beautiful watches of high quality, which are composed of high quality materials which you will also find back in the straps.

    Every TW Steel watch has its own look, but with a watch strap you can adjust the whole look of your watch in no time, do you choose elegant, or sporty? Everything is possible! At SignsTimepieces you will find almost all TW Steel straps that are currently available. Every TW Steel watchband that we sell is original and of very good quality. Because the straps are original, they fit perfectly on every watch and therefore you never have the problem that a strap does not fit, although you have to check carefully whether a strap is suitable for your watch, because these are sold in different types and sizes. only sells original TW Steel watch straps

    We always recommend that when you need a new TW steel watch band, you can best go for an original band. There are several reasons for this, for example, the price of an original and a fake band differs very little, but usually the quality is much better!

    When you choose an original TW Steel watch strap, you choose a band that fits perfectly with your watch. TW Steel watches have a nice look, which you see in the entire watch, including the strap.

    Also often the original straps are unique and they have a unique look, but the most important thing is that these straps fit perfectly on your watch and when you are in possession of a beautiful TW Steel watch, then you still want keep it as original as possible?

    Which TW Steel watch strap fits your TW Steel watch? 

    We sell 22mm TW Steel straps and 24mm TW Steel straps. Each collection has its own watch straps, but often these bands vary enormously, so you have a lot of choice and can personalize your TW Steel watch. When buying one of our TW Steel watch straps, pay attention to whether the strap actually fits your watch, since each type of watch strap has a different end.

    At SignsTimepieces you will find watch straps for the following collections: 


    Canteen Leather

    Canteen Automatic

    CEO Canteen

    CEO Diver

    CEO Goliath

    CEO Pilot

    CEO Tech

    CEO Tonneau



    Grandeur tech/diver

    Grandeur tech



    Slim Line




    24H Dubai 

    Why buying a TW Steel watch strap at SignsTimepieces 

    At SignsTimepieces we only sell original TW Steel watch straps. These watch straps come straight from the factory and that’s why we can ship them pretty fast.

    For your TW Steel watch, we can recommend you to only use original TW Steel watch straps, because with these straps you can be sure about the quality, in addition it also look very nice! 

    Need a new springbar for your TW Steel watch? We sell TW Steel springbars and we sell tools to easily change your strap!



  • U-Boat correas

    U-boat is an exclusive brand and we are proud to be able and to be allowed to sell this exclusive brand. U-boat products are specially handcrafted in Italy, what makes each product unique and special. Because of this uniqueness it can sometime happen that it takes 4 days till 3 weeks for us to receive the products, when a product is not on stock. If you want to be sure that a product is on stock, we advise you to contact us.


    We thank you for your understanding

    U-Boat watchstraps from Italy. We only sell 100% 100% Authentic U-Boat straps. Size Guide: 20mm straps for: Classico 45 / Flightdeck 43-45 / Thousands of Feet 43 / U-51 46mm 23mm straps for: Classico 53 / Flightdeck 50-55 / U-42 / U-51 52mm / Classico 1001 26mm straps for: Thousands of Feet 50

  • Welder correas

    Welder is as the small brother of U-boat a very exclusive brand and because of this we are proud to be able and allowed to sell products of this brand. Welder watches and watch straps are handcrafted and nowadays imported from Turkey. Because the products are handcrafted, is each product unique what causes that sometime it takes us 4 days till 3 weeks to receive the products, when these are not on stock. If you want to be sure that a product is on stock, we advise you to contact us.


    We thank you for your understanding

    Welder watchstraps from Italy. We only sell 100% Authentic Welder replacement straps. On all products we offer free worldwide shipment. We also sell springbar sets and a tool to make the strap exchange easy.

  • LuuXr correas de reloj

    LuuXr is not only new, but also innovative and very stubborn! LuuXr does everything differently and so does SignStimepieces. We are proud to be able to add LuuXr products to our store, starting with the LuuXr watch straps!

    Why LuuXr watch straps?

    LuuXr watch straps fit the most common and popular watch brands. The brand comes from the Netherlands and wants to show this with quality Dutch people like! Product quality is tested with different tests and a product does not get on the market until it has been extensively tested by the people behind LuuXr.

    A fun fact about all this is that LuuXr was conceived and set up by real watch and jewelry lovers! On the website, LuuXr indicates that the brand is mainly intended for real enthusiasts.

    Watch straps for different types of watches

    The brand aims to have an extensive range of watch bands by the end of 2022. At the moment only leather watch bands are sold, but very soon rubber watch bands will follow as well as different prints, types of leather and models.

    There are many different types of watches on the market, often with different watch attachments. This makes it very difficult for people to get the right strap. This will soon be history due to LuuXr! The brand will introduce different models of watch straps. Even if a certain watch strap is not available by then, an email is enough to get the buyers to work!

    LuuXr watch straps are suitable for the following watch brands

    Looking for a replacement watch strap for your watch? Below you will find a list of watch brands on which LuuXr watch straps fit well in most cases. If the right strap is not yet available, there is a huge chance that it will be available soon. New models are being added all the time!

    A number of watch brands with comparable watch straps

    • TW Steel
    • Hugo Boss
    • Michael Kors
    • guess
    • Emporio Armanic
    • Tissot
    • Seiko
    • Diesel
    • Casio

    LuuXr watch bands are available in the following sizes

    At the moment the watch straps are available in the following sizes:

    • 22mm
    • 24mm

    A 20mm variant will also be added soon. The current sizes are used for almost all of the above watch brands and are therefore the most common.

    Where are the products of this brand for sale?

    The LuuXr watch straps are currently for sale at SignStimepieces and Many more stores will of course be added in the future! Want to stay informed of all developments around this brand? Check out and sign up for the newsletter!

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