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U-Boat watch straps

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U-boat is an exclusive brand and we are proud to be able and to be allowed to sell this exclusive brand. U-boat products are specially handcrafted in Italy, what makes each product unique and special. Because of this uniqueness it can sometime happen that it takes 4 days till 3 weeks for us to receive the products, when a product is not on stock. If you want to be sure that a product is on stock, we advise you to contact us.


We thank you for your understanding

U-boat watch straps often have an equally attractive look as the watches of the U-boat brand. U-boat watches, are watches which you can measure with the greatest watch brands in the world, and so are the watch straps. 

U-boat is known to create a unique style, and brand doesn’t only get this done with the watches themselves, but do it all by running down to the smallest part. 


Buying U-boat watch straps 

A watch strap tells more than a thousand words, and when we talk about a U-boat watch strap, this speaks more than two thousand words. U-boat watch straps are available for all types of U-boat watches. 

A watch strap can change the whole look of a watch, and of course it helps to personalize the watch you’re enormously proud of. 

The U-boat watch straps you will find in different kinds and sizes, and because of this there’s always a watch strap availably for anyone’s taste. At SignsTimepieces, you will find more than 100 original U-boat watch straps, and tools to loosen and tighten your strap! 

Which U-boat watch strap fits your watch 

The straps themselves and sizes can vary per watch, that’s why we help you to find the right size with the table below: 

20mm U-boat watch straps: Fit the following models: Classico 45 / Flightdeck 43/45 / Thousands of feet 43 / U-51 46mm. 

23mm U-boat watch straps: Fit the following models: Classico 53 / Flightdeck 50/55 / U42 / U51. 

26mm U-boat watch straps: Fit the following models: Thousands of feet 50 

U-boat watch straps from SignsTimepieces 

At SignsTimepieces you can buy all your U-boat watchstraps at competitive prices, and of course completely original! The watch straps come directly from Italy and are like the watches made of the best materials.