14 days return policy
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it complete with the original receipt and original packaging within fourteen (14) days of the date of purchase*. If the item is returned unused, not damaged and complete in the original box and papers, we will exchange it or offer a refund. All refunds are – (minus) our shipping costs. *U-Boat watches are assembled upon order at U-Boat Italy, therefore they are custom made and can't be returned.

Return address:
Kasteel-traverse 90
5701NR Helmond
The Netherlands

Showroom and pickup
It is possible to see our full collection or to pickup your order in our showroom in Helmond, The Netherlands. Please call for an appointment 0031 (0) 492 703529

Made a order, but did not receive an order e-mail?
When you made an order on our website, but did not receive a order e-mail, please check your spamfilter first. Still not received an email? It is almost certain that you made an error in your email address, please send us an e-mail, we will forward the order e-mail.

Payment options
1 Bankwire transfer
Company name: River Websolutions
Bank number: 0255 7738 54
IBAN: NL44KNAB0255773854
2 Creditcard (Mastercard or Visa)
3 Paypal
4 Cash on Delivery (Only available in The Netherlands)
5 iDeal (Only available in The Netherlands)
6 Sofort Banking (Only available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
7 Mister Cash (Only available for Belgium and Luxembourg)

Shipment and delivery
After receiving your order and payment, we try to ship within 12 hours.
Delivery time depending on country and distance 2 – 12 working days*
*For shipments outside the EU, your country's customs can cause delay.
If your order is not in stock we will send you an e-mail within 48 hours with the expected delivery time. If we can’t deliver the order within one (1) month after receiving your payment, we will fully refund your payment.

We ship for free worldwide.
Within the EU, we ship with UPS.
Outside the EU, we ship with TNT national shipping service.
Express shipments possible on request, please contact us before you create an new order.
All our packages have an insurance against loss or damage during shipment.

You can always cancel your order, unless your order has already shipped out.
Have you made a payment to us after your order, then we charge 5% administration costs for the refund of your payment. These costs are only charged if you personally cancel the order. Administration costs are not charged if we can’t deliver the order within one (1) month after receiving payment.

Guarantee / Warranty
On all our products we provide standard 2 year warranty (excluding sale products)
Outside the warranty: the glass, the watchstrap, the crown, battery and waterdamage*
*Waterdamage after assessing of manufacturer (waterproof test) (if it falls outside warrantee the research costs are 35 Euro)

Broken glass
A glass is never covered by the warranty, almost all fractures are caused by falling or bumping.

The crown
The crown is never warranty.
Almost always all damage to the crown is caused by impact or falling.

Mechanical watches
There are two types of mechanical watches:
1 Mechanical watches needs winding by hand. If you have a mechanical watch that needs manual hand winding, we recommend winding up the watch 1 time per 24 hours. We also advise not to wind it fully, keep the spring tension not too tight.
2 Automatic watches. These watches are automatically winded by the movement of the wrist. If an automatic watch is not worn, then the movement will stop running, his is usually after 24/48 hours.

Quartz watches
Quartz watches run on a battery.
Average these batteries work 2 years.
This will depend on options on the watch and the degree of intensity with which the watch is used.
Any local jeweler can replace a battery.

Repair watch not bought with SignS-watches
Please contact us, we will always try to help.
However, there will always be some costs associated with shipping, for example, repair costs and administration costs.
Also visit http://ww.signstimepieces.com

Returns watch for repair
For all your repairs e-mail to info@signstimepieces.com
Always enclose a letter with your problem, return address and a copy of the invoice and / or warranty card.

A water resistant watch is not waterproof. the indications 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 atm shows what can be done.

Overview of water resistant indications





30 meters

03 atmosphere

splashing water

hand washing or rain

100 meters

10 atmosphere


swimming in pool or at sea

200 meters

20 atmosphere


snorkelling and scuba diving to limited depths

1000 meters

100 atmosphere

professional waterproof

diving with compressed air

3 atm. / 30 meters (also known as water resistant water-protected / watersealed):
these watches are resistant to rain and splashing water.

5 atm. / 50 meters (also known as proof shower / waterproof):
these watches are appropriate for showering or swimming, be aware off large temperature differences.
However, they are unfit for snorkelling or diving with compressed air.

10 atm. / 100 meters (also known as waterproof):
these watches are suitable for most forms of water sports such as swimming, sailing and snorkelling in shallow water. However, they are unfit for jumping or diving with air. Be aware off large temperature differences.

20 atm. / 200 meters or more (also known as waterproof 20 atm. / Diving proof):
This watch is suitable for all types of water sports and diving.

Temperature Differences
Temperature differences are an insidious factor that causes many leaks by supposedly waterproof watches. A "watertight" case that is suitable for daily showers. Example: Case can completely flooding with water when you go on holiday to swim. When you shower with the watch, the temperature of the water is +/- equal to that of the watchcase. When this watch, however warmed up in a nice tropical sun, the temperature in the case heat up to 50 ° C or even warmer. If the watch suddenly is in contact with water with a temperature of 20 ° C, the watchcase gets a huge blow by the relatively high temperature. A case that is not specifically constructed for such circumstances, will leak and will run full off water.

Watertight guarantee
Gaskets wear alone by the use of buttons and switches that sealing them, and also by opening and closing the watchcase, for example replacing the battery. Gaskets also can dry out in time or digest, the latter including by acids in perspiration and by exposure to chlorine and seawater. Even soap and shampoos which are used when showering, these are degreasers and ensure a rapid aging of the gaskets.
It is often that a crown or pusher of a watch is bumping into something, often without being aware of that. If the crown or pusher is hit (which is not always visible) can lead to leakage. For these reasons, the tightness of watches can never be guaranteed!

Even in well-sealed, waterproof watch cases, it is possible that condensation occurs on the inside of the glass. This does not necessarily mean that the watch is 'leak'. Condensation can also arise when the watch suddenly cools down. For example, when a watch is worn during skiing under a jacket, the case can be pretty hot. If the watch then suddenly get exposed to a cold environment, then the glass cools faster than the metal case.
The moisture that is in the air in the watchcase is, can condense and a slight haze forms on the inside of the glass. Once again the glass temperature is reached this will disappear.